Monday, February 21, 2011


I always wondered why death has to bring the family together in one place.

One has to go for several to come...

So please forgive me if I take a week-long hiatus from blogland because my mom made way for the whole family to come together. Bear with me for a while.

There is one thing I realized, though. No matter how much you prepared yourself for a death of a loved one, it still doesn't cover you in full armor. Pain of loss always finds a weak spot and hits you.

Bear with me for a while, my friends.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Book with Love HOP

Valentine's Day Books with Love Hop- Win Amazon Gift Card (WW)

I want to get back my reading habit this year because  I have to cut my book allowance since last year.
So since I can't afford to buy them at this time, I'm going to win it!

I'm going to try my luck
at Valentine's Day Books with Love Hop
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I'd like to win The Lonely Hearts Club by: Elizabeth Eulberg at Moonlight Book Reviews  and/or  Burning Up at the Unread Reader and/or a $25 Amazon GC at Simply Stacie.

What about you? Come on, hop over and maybe you can find something there, too!

Keeping my fingers crossed! Giveaway is only until tomorrow, Feb 16, 2011.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Flowers at Dangwa

Flower Market at Dangwa, Sampaloc, Manila

This is a Pink Saturday post ;) Happy Valentines day!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday 5 for February 11: Late Nights

LiveJournal Friday Five

It's Friday 5 once again! You can join in the fun copying the questions in your blog/website and link up to Friday 5!

  1. What's the best thing about being awake when the rest of the world seems to be sleeping? The silence.
  2. Where can you go when you get a case of the late-night munchies? 7-11 and the 24-hour McDo at Waltermart
  3. What open-all-night establishment has saved you from catastrophe, and what were the circumstances? Mercury Crug Store where almost all medical supplies are available especially when my mom had an emergency.
  4. What's the worst thing about being awake when the rest of the world seems to be sleeping? The silence.
  5. When you are up all night at home for whatever reason, what's most likely to be on the television to keep you company? DVD Movie re-runs.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

For the Love of Water

oh, what simple joy 
see water cooling hot skins,
and warming cold hearts...

This is a  Wordless Wednesday post

Monday, February 7, 2011

21 guns for Angelo Reyes

After the national brouhaha regarding the massive corruption in the Armed Forces of the Philippines being exposed and investigated in the Senate and the House these last few weeks, many high officials (and their wives) are squirming in hot water.
One of them is former Armed Forces Chief and Defense Secretary Angelo  Reyes being questioned on receiving   P50-million as "send-off" money for his retirement in 2001 as testified by George Rabusa.
And now,
Controversial former defense secretary Angelo Reyes was shot, a police official said.

15 minutes later, a new update was on the wire: 

Former Armed Forces Chief and Defense Secretary Angelo Tomas Reyes on Tuesday morning committed suicide by shooting himself in front of the grave of his mother at the Loyola Memorial Park in Marikina City.Former Armed Forces Chief and Defense Secretary Angelo Tomas Reyes on Tuesday morning committed suicide by shooting himself in front of the grave of his mother at the Loyola Memorial Park in Marikina City. 
One would immediately think that delicadeza got the best of him, has opted for a hara-kiri of sorts. Respect would be returned to his name. 
He suffered a gunshot wound to the heart and an external wound to the back.
BUT I thought suicides are always headshots, always pointing the gun on the side of the head or in the mouth.
So, was it suicide?

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Chris Chronicles 1st Blogversary Giveaway

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    Thursday, February 3, 2011

    Tweet faux Pas?

    How about using humor to dissipate the grimness of a situation?
    Amusing, one would say and it elicits a little laugh.
    But then, considering the seriousness of the riots happening in Egypt, it surely must become an embarrassed, nervous laugh.
    What about you?
    ::image via Technolog

    Friday 5 for February 4: Too Much Not Enough

    Hello, It's  Friday 5 once again!
    You can these questions to your webspace and link up to 
    eave a comment below so I'll  know where to check out your responses and return the love.
    Here we go...
    1. Who's not as funny as he or she thinks? Charlie Sheen
    2. What's not as big a deal as everyone else seems to think? Charlie Sheen
    3. What's something people aren't concerned enough about? Climate Change
    4. What's something in the grocery store that's underrated?  Frozen fish and meat - fresh is always the best!
    5. What do you pay too much attention to?  My mom's deteriorating health :(
    Happy Weekend, everyone!

    Tweet, tweet!

    Hollywood has the Oscars. Broadway has the Tonys. Now Twitter has the... Shorty Awards -- The New York Times
    It's the 3rd  Shorty Awards!
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    Twitter's I suppose you are familiar with url shortener, a very useful tool in maximizing that 140-character tweet.
    A tweet is a tweet is a tweet but what are you supposed NOT to tweet?
    ...and so on to Twitter Hop Thursday, hosted by Simply Stacie, The King's Court IV, Little Yaya's, Kelly's Lucky You and Dear Crissy.
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    Have a great day!

    Wednesday, February 2, 2011

    The Rabbit has arrived!

    Chinese Horoscope the Rabbit
    google photo
    Kung Hei Fat Choi!
    Feb 03, 2011
    I'm not much of an astrology fan but since I work for a Chinese-owned company (hmmmm ...I wonder, will the CEO give out tikoy or nian gao?), everyone is talking about it. 
    To satisfy my curiosity   I read  here  that 2011 the Year of the Metal Rabbit  is inauspicious for WOOD Rabbits (born in 1915 and 1975).
    Like me. :(
    Didn't curiosity kill the cat LOL because what is worse than reading  this ?
    This is a very bad fortune year for the rabbit. Not only it is difficult for you to earn bucks, you may encounter money loss that may cause you to result in financial crisis. You should be more aware of your spending as well as being extra careful whe dealing with money.
    What's new? Another year of tight finances!  
    But I believe things will be better, there's no reason to lose hope. Astrology should be taken as a guide only, not a as your fate.  All we have to do is be diligent, kind, and positive and I'm sure bad luck will go away!
    And for something to think about, read on.
    "Do not rely on the rabbit's foot for good luck, after all, it didn't work out too well for the rabbit." Anonymous

    I don't believe in luck. We make our own good fortune.
    - Dr. Joyce Brothers

    Tuesday, February 1, 2011

    Wordless Wednesday

    Something that caught my eye in  the park the  other week.
    I don't know the name, though.

    Have a very beautiful  Wordless Wednesday!

    Lovin' my way

    I read the exchanges of my sister's texts and  her BF (accidentally, of course :) ) and it that goes on like this (original is in Tagalog and in jejemon lingo) :
    "I miss you, baby. I can't sleep 'cause I can't stop thinking about you"
    "muah, muahhh, muahhh, I want to embrace you so tight"
    "I can't wait to be in your arms again"
    "I want to hear your voice every second of the day..."
    And I say, duh?
    I can't imagine myself saying it like that, in a pa-cute and pa-tweetums way.
    I suppose being chessy is the priveledge of the young.
    Isn't it true that action speaks louder than words? So no sweet nothings for me, just show everything. LOL. Matured (you know what I mean::wink) people like us can be cheesy and sweet, though if we like. Only make sure that the object of your affection feels the same way, otherwise being cheesy becomes annyoing to downright creepy!
    For one, you can insert little loveletters in the most unexpected places for your loved ones to discover like the ones I found @ Creative Slush has a  printable Love Notelets that you can make on your own.
    Teddy and I have a habit of watching the news and have our own discussion of our point of views about it. It becomes our bonding time.
    I am beginning to like boxing, he is beginning to like watching movies.
    We read one newspaper simultaneously, silently understanding who reads what section first.
    Sometimes, we have this funny look and conversations that goes above the heads of other people, as if we are sharing a secret.
    What about you? How do you let someone know that you love them? 
    Below is the list of  101 WAYS to show you love somebody (without having sex) and the ones in bold are things both Teddy and I have already done to each other and I hope we can do the rest soon!
    1. Tell the other person that you love them   
    2. Give or get a hug
    3. Make sure the other person feels important and respected
    4. Kiss when people are looking
    5. Kiss when people aren't looking
    6. Tell the other person that you care
    7. Hold hands
    8. Go for a long bike ride
    9. Give a special present
    10. Be there when they need a friend
    11. Spend time together
    12. Go to see a film
    13. Walk arm in arm in the woods
    14. Make a special tape of love songs
    15. Talk about your feelings
    16. Share dreams with each other
    17. Snuggle up together
    18. Sit together in the park
    19. Take a walk together
    20. Go out for a meal
    21. Have a picnic
    22. Play a game of frisbee
    23. Give compliments
    24. Relax in a jacuzzi
    25. Go swimming
    26. Just be close
    27. Go shopping for food
    28. Cook a meal together
    29. Touch each other in a loving way
    30. Do homework together
    31. Plan and go on a trip together
    32. Throw a party together
    33. Bake a cake
    34. Go to the library
    35. Browse in a museum
    36. Just be there
    37. Find out what's special for the other person - and do it
    38. Exercise together
    39. Gaze at each other
    40. Wash each other's cars (or bikes !)
    41. Go fishing
    42. Talk to each other
    43. Listen to worries
    44. Cut each other's toenails
    45. Choose a special favourite song
    46. Listen to joys
    47. Hold one another close
    48. Catch their eye
    49. Write one another letters
    50. Talk on the telephone
    51. Trust one another
    52. Give or receive a ring
    53. Meet each other's family
    54. Go hiking together
    55. Make sacrifices for each other
    56. Send chocolates
    57. Respect each other
    58. Go for a moonlight walk
    59. Hide a love note where the other will find it
    60. Give each other sexy looks
    61. Write a poem
    62. Send flowers
    63. Eat dinner by candlelight
    64. Go to a concert
    65. Watch the sunrise together
    66. Remember anniversaries
    67. Give each other pet names
    68. Go sightseeing
    69. Rent a video
    70. Do things for each other without being asked
    71. Propose marriage
    72. Whisper something nice into the other's ear
    73. Be best friends
    74. Have fun together
    75. Go out dancing
    76. Play music together
    77. Flirt with each other
    78. Laugh at something funny together
    79. Be faithful
    80. Impress each other
    81. Make a list of things you like about each other
    82. Read a book and discuss it
    83. Meet each other's friends
    84. Go horse riding
    85. Cook each other's favourite food
    86. Find out what makes each other happy
    87. Make presents for each other
    88. Wash each other's hair
    89. Watch the sunset
    90. Go for a bus trip
    91. Have a request played on the radio
    92. Send a funny card
    93. Share your plans for the future
    94. Play footsie
    95. Share private jokes
    96. Think about each other
    97. Find out what makes the other sad
    98. Go skating
    99. Swap rings
    100. Share an ice-cream
    101. Have your picture taken together