Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dealing with a Heartbreak

One of the very first posts in my old blog was about relationship break up  and dealing with the pain by physically removing the evidences left by one's object of anguish.

When affection is unrequited or worse, when trust is broken, we often lose our balance. It is easy to say, "Move on, my friend!" but it is not. Letting go of an emotional tie can be hard and an almost impossible task.

Every time a relationship reaches an impasse, the best thing to do is to accept its inevitability

Of course, there will be shock at first. One can never believe that a good thing could not last.

After the feeling of disbelief comes the state of denial. One goes through a vicious cycle of blaming oneself and the other party for all the things that has gone wrong. One devises ways on how to hold on and force things so one can salvage one's pride.

However, some things can never be mended and eventually, one has to deal with the loneliness. All of a sudden, one is alone. If left without support, some people could even slip further into suicidal depression.

The mind and body can only take so much though. There will come a point where survival instinct will kick in. And as all things, this pain will come to pass, too. Time heal all wounds. It may not be tomorrow, or next week or even next month but the pain will go eventually

During this adjustment period, it is advisable to be among friends and family. Go out, go to work, eat, and cry if you must, but try to live one day at a time. Before one knows it, everything is all right with the world and one is free again.

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