Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Me and the new Zodiac Sign

Last year, I was just the good ol' bull, Taurus. Now, some people say I'm an Aries!

All this hype was according to astronomers with the Minnesota Planetarium Society   there's about a one-month bump in the alignment of the stars caused by the effect of the moon's gravitational pull on the Earth through the millenia.
Even "the teddybear", a former Saggitarian, is under the new zodiac (the 13th)  named OPHIUCHUS the SNAKE HOLDER. This zodiac is after a real person, IMHOTEP. (more about Ophiuchus here and here).
Anyway, as food for thought, I will compare the known traits of Tarus and Aries based on my on
Patient and reliable
Warmhearted and loving
Persistent and determined
Placid and security loving
On the dark side....
Jealous and possessive
Resentful and inflexible
Self-indulgent and greedy
Adventurous and energetic
Pioneering and courageous
Enthusiastic and confident
Dynamic and quick-witted
On the dark side...
Selfish and quick-tempered
Impulsive and impatient
Foolhardy and daredevil

I suppose, there is a bit of an Arian in me except the traits in  paler shades (in fact, I'm slooowww to anger). I don't know if  we have these traits because it's in our stars or  we unconsiously emulate our known zodiac signs. What do you think?
What about you? Are you having zodiac identity crises yet?

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