Thursday, January 27, 2011

Spam! Hate them...or not?

No, I'm not talking about meat loaf.

Spam bloggers. Those who spam our commnets section.

Well, one can only hate them...or not.

If your a blogger or a webmaster or a high PR site, then form time to time, you will see a lot of posts coming from a very resourceful sploggers filling your comment filters.

Because of these unsolicited, unwanted comments, everyone has become paranoid. It's like living in a house with high gates and closed doors with built-in peepholes, visitors has to knock to be admitted! Unfriendly neighborhood, eh?

Recently, I have my share of spam comments coming my way, too!  have already put my comment filter to "moderated", meaning I have to approve people's thoughts to be posted or not. I hate them, because now I have to verify first the intentions of my commenter, are they legit, are they spams, do they mean what they say? I mean, it makes me lose faith! I'm sure a lot of commenters (the true ones) get slightly irritated if they are required to put in CAPTCHA before being posted. I know, because I comment, too on various posts that I find interesting.

But what constitutes a spam comment? From my experience:

  • it comes from Anonymous
  • it comes with a link - normally about explicit offers or a totally unrelated link to your website or blog that is commercial in nature
  • gibberish / worthless  text
  • misspelling and poor grammar - like a poorly spun article
  • comment body is unrelated to your site

But don't you feel a tweak of fun when you wade through your spam filter?  I have found several lame comments to ridiculous and totally unrelated to downright unintelligible. See some of them minus the irritating links below:

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Are there more ways to filter them or to eradicate them altogether , other than putting my blog/website under comment moderation mode, that a noob blogger like me can do?




  1. wELL for me i also moderate first the comment before publish. So far this in my blog this is best thing to avoid spam. Other bloggers have captcha its helpful also.

  2. I am very thankful for the new Blogger spam filter. For I have resisted employing any sort of moderation on account of it possibly stifling the free-flow of interaction, and it has been pretty good at catching obvious spam comments before they were published. Granted, a few still get through, and on occasion, it will have a legitimate comment in with the spam. Therefore, attention should still be paid to what comments one gets.

  3. Remove the anonymous option comment on your setting. I moderate comments too and removed anonymous so they won't be able to comment if they don't have a blog. I don't put word verification though as I find it very annoying for commenters.