Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Final Kiss

This week, the image for inspiring you has been found from HEREDon't forget to link back to this image page there...The artist is Jim(~jfkpaint) on deviantArt


"It is time.” Someone addressed him from where he sat huddled in a chair in the far corner of the room. Jobless, just recently widowed, he was clutching a bundle to his chest as if his very sustenance depends upon it.

The baby whimpered as if feeling the imminent parting of a loved one. "Hush, be good now." and with one final kiss, he gave him towards the outstretched hands of the beaming new parents.

"Please take care of him," he said, almost a whisper, a plea.

"Of course, we will. We've waited so long for someone like him." 

"Goodbye and thank you." they both said.

"Goodbye now, my baby." he said as the car that now bore his very joy pulled away from the social welfare office.



  1. That was so deep and emotional.
    A nice post...indeed! :)

  2. amazing.
    love the image.

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    Happy Tuesday.
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