Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Omen

It was a fine tranquil summer afternoon when the deliveryman came. 

Sarah rushed to the door to receive the package. She impatiently tore the silver and gold ribbon as she ran up to her room, almost tripping on the stairs in her haste.
"My wedding dress, at last!” she exclaimed as she opened the box on the bed. There, lying on top of the chiffon and silk is the most beautiful tiara she has ever seen! It was made of pearls and clear Swarovski. She made a mental note to call Michael tonight to thank him for remembering how fond she is of crystals.

She held up the dress and let out a happy little laugh! The dress is pure white silk with a touch of lace in the bodice with matching crystal details. She hugged the dress and danced dreamily in front of the mirror, the tiara gleamed in the late afternoon light on her head and the train of palest peach chiffon trailing on the floor. Sarah excitedly tried her dress on and in her impatience, the back clasp popped and it dropped on the floor.

"Oh, clumsy me!", and wondered if the designer would be willing to alter the clasp at this late hour. She thought a call would not do so she decided to drive over to the shop 20 miles away.
She remembered her grandmother telling her it is bad omen to wear the dress before the BIG DAY. Sarah shook her head as she gathered the dress, box, and the broken clasp to her car.
It was such a beautiful, crisp summer evening! There is not much traffic at this time of day so she stepped down on the accelerator to catch the shop's closing time.

As she rounded the bend, a squirrel ran to cross the road. She swerved to avoid but didn't see the oncoming truck on the other side. The last thought on her mind as her car hurtled past the railing was Michael and the clasp rolling off the dashboard.



  1. Oh my! That's sad. Maybe her grandma was right, eh? Nicely written. You came a few hours too late for last week's Thursday Tale actually. I'd been occupied, so this week's Tale image is a little late :)

  2. A sad story, but at least she died happy.

  3. sad.. :(

    hmm Well written :)

  4. This is really awesome, I love how every thing came together, sad though :(